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Travels from Norcross, Georgia

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Allen Hunt serves alongside Matthew Kelly as Vice-President for Strategy at the Dynamic Catholic Institute. A nationally known author and speaker, Allen also hosts a weekend talk radio show on News/Talk WSB, America's most listened to talk station. The Allen Hunt Show focuses not on what's right and left but on what's right and wrong, bringing a moral compass to the arena of mainstream talk radio.

On January 6, 2008, on the Feast of the Epiphany, Allen converted to Catholicism. This transition represented the culmination of a 15 year journey in which God began leading Allen home to the Church. In many ways, this transition was effected by the prayers of a group of Dominican sisters at Our Lady of Grace in North Guilford, Connecticut, who have been praying for Allen since he shared lectures with them during the season of Lent in 1992. Much of his journey has been chronicled in his powerful book, Confessions of a Mega-Church Pastor: How I Discovered the Hidden Treasures of the Catholic Church.

Allen stepped aside July 1, 2007, as Senior Pastor at Mount Pisgah, an evangelical United Methodist congregation serving more than 15,000 persons each week through all of its ministries in Alpharetta, Georgia. While at Mount Pisgah, Allen helped to develop comprehensive ministries with children and students as well as a Christian school with over 1200 students, only the second Methodist-church related comprehensive school in the nation; a Beacon of Hope pregnancy resource center; and the Summit Counseling Center. Mount Pisgah became known for its leadership in serving the poor and the forgotten in our culture through ministries with the homeless, those in crisis, and those in need. Mount Pisgah also multiplies its ministry with key dynamic ministry partners on each continent of the globe. This powerful combination of ministries made Mount Pisgah one of the largest Methodist congregations in the world.

Prior to full-time ministry, Allen worked in management consulting with Kurt Salmon Associates, an international leader in the textile, apparel, and retail industries. Allen grew up in Brevard, North Carolina, and Lakeland, Florida. He was then educated at Mercer (B.B.A.) and Emory (M.Div.) Universities, before earning a Ph.D. in New Testament and Ancient Christian Origins from Yale University. He has taught and preached in Catholic, Methodist, Baptist, and non-denominational congregations, colleges, and seminaries.

Before entering the ministry, Allen wandered away from God's plans for his life. Allen quickly discovered that a life serving himself, his own pleasures, and his own plans did not result in much. One day, while entering a Wall Street high-rise in New York, Allen stepped over a homeless man huddled on a subway grating for warmth. At that pivotal moment, God taught Allen that it was time to leave behind his own plans and embrace God's plans for his life. A life of serving others and following Jesus. Allen then became an ordained pastor.
Allen and his wife, Anita, have two daughters, SarahAnn and Griffin Elizabeth, both of whom are grown and pursuing their own fun ventures. Allen's home parish is in Norcross, Georgia.

Everything I Need to Know I Learned in Catholicism
(or There's No Place Like Rome)
For most of his life, Allen saw the Catholic Church as just another old house, like any other church. However, God had something different in mind. While serving as Senior Pastor at one of the largest Methodist congregations in the world, Allen was drawn home by God to become Catholic.

In this talk, Allen shares the powerful experiences where he discovered the treasures of Catholicism. These hidden treasures will inspire you, give you strength in your own faith journey, and even equip you to share your faith with people you care about.
Cutting Loose Your 3 Largest Anchors: How to Become the Person God Intends You to Be
Amelia Earhart became the first woman pilot ever to cross the Atlantic in a solo flight. She said she did it to “overcome her Atlantic.” God has a destiny in mind for you. What's holding you back? What's preventing you from becoming the person God designed and desires you to be? In other words, What's your Atlantic?

In this session, Allen explores the three anchors that every one of us must release, with God's help, to move forward with boldness toward God's destiny for our lives.

10 Words To Know Before You Die
Who is Jesus? That is the one crucial question. After all, Jesus asked His disciples, “Who do you say that I am?” The world answers that question in many ways. But Catholics answer it with 10 simple words. Those 10 words define a Catholic and his/her relationship with Jesus Christ.

In this talk, Allen shares the life-changing power of those 10 words and helps you build your life on the truth of the faith.
What a Donkey and an Ultrasound Taught Me about the Dignity of Life

John Paul II was right. We live in a culture of death. While serving as a Protestant pastor, Allen struggled with Methodism's inability to take a bold stand for the sacred worth and value of each human life, in the born and the unborn. In fact, under Allen's leadership, his congregation developed the strongest pregnancy resource center in Atlanta and gave millions of dollars to support mothers in crisis, women facing challenges, and children in need.

Allen was inspired to take a bold stand for life by a donkey and an ultrasound. In this moving talk, Allen shares personally about the dignity and meaning God has for each of His human creations.

Why 1 of Every 10 Adults is an ex-Catholic
In his most-requested talk, Allen shares his personal experience with the Eucharist, and how God changes our lives with His real presence in the body and blood of Jesus. Allen's unique perspective as a former mega-church pastor illuminates the remarkable power of the Eucharist for your life.

Additional Talks
The 5 Things Men want Women to Know – This talk will strengthen your marriage and/or relationship as Allen shares the five basic truth men want women to know about men.

Should We be Worried about Islam? – Less than 1/3 of Americans can answer two basic questions about Islam. Learn the basics of the second largest faith on Earth. The faith that inspires 1.5 billion people and the faith that inspires Al-Qaeda and a worldwide movement of jihad.
Why You Fail and What You Should Do About It – Allen shares how the power of grace and forgiveness can  free us from our past failures and disappointments in order to become whole, healthy people.

2 Mistakes Every Dad Should Avoid – Fathers face three possibilities every day. Two of those lead to chaos and pain. One leads to health and life. In this talk, Allen provides real life help for fathers in shaping their children into champions.

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