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Bob Miles
Bob Miles

Travels from Chalfont, Pennsylvania

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How to have hope in the hardest and lowest times of your life.  Suicide rates are exploding in both the USA and Europe.  I offer true hope through devotion to God and that there is always hope.

Bob Miles has co-hosted fund raisers for PBS, New Jersey Network Television.  Bob has been featured nationally on television performing for BET on Jazz on "Studio Jams."  For the past 17 years, Bob has created and hosted the popular television show, Miles of Music which aires in Nashville, Napa Valley, Los Angeles and southeastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  Miles of Music is also available on Comcast's Video-on-Demand channel.  

As a musician, Bob has performed in concert with Annie Haslam and has recorded as composer/musician on the 54th Grammy award winning CD, "All About Bullies....Big and Small."  Bob has also recorded as composer/musician on the 53rd Grammy nominated CD, "Healthy Food For Thought: Good Enough to Eat."  

Bob was honored in NYC in 2010 for his contribution to the New York Coalition for Healthy School Food.  World renown artist, Peter Max has painted and given Bob a painting for this honor.

Bob is a Tate Music Group recording artist which sells his CD, "Miles of Inspiration..Your Favorite Sayings Set to Music."  

Bob has been interviewed on numorus radio stations for his musicail acomplishments.

As an Author, Bob has two books available.  "EGO - Entering God's Oneness (25 Reasons to Let Go of Your Ego)" and "25 Joys You Will Experience Once You Adopt A Child".  The forward to Bob's adoption book was penned by the Pearl Buck organization.  Bob's third book, "25 Reasons to Live, Why Suicide is NOT an Option", is due for release in the immediate future. 



Hey Bob,

Thanks for your help!

Les Paul

Guitar Innovator


To Bob,

Thanks for the most enjoyable TV experience I ever had.

Joe Bonamassa-Famed Blues Guitarist


You're The Real Thing.  It is a pleasure working with you.

Peace, Love, Light

Charles Chapman (Professor-Berklee College of Music)


Bob - Great Show. Nice Clothes too.

Randall Kremer

Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.