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Bryan Mercier

Bryan Mercier

Bryan Mercier

Travels from Milford, Connecticut

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Bryan Mercier: “Saving Souls and Changing Lives!”

Bryan Mercier is an international Catholic speaker and retreat leader who has been delivering life-changing retreats for nearly 20 years.  Bryan is an expert in presenting the Catholic faith in a way that touches souls and changes lives!  He has given countless dynamic talks and retreats to both teens and adults including: Keynote talks, Confirmation retreats, Catholic school retreats, Parish Missions, apologetics seminars and workshops, Catholic colleges and universities, Theology on Taps, men’s conferences, regional and national conferences.  Bryan has taught Bible study for ten years, is a regular contributing author for Catholicmatch, and has been aired on Catholic TV and radio in different states including EWTN.

Bryan also spearheads a ministry team called The R.O.C.K. Group (which stands for Revival Of Catholic Kids).  This team excels in giving high-energy retreats to Confirmation classes, youth groups, and other teen events.  R.O.C.K. offers one of the best and most comprehensive retreats on the East Coast.  Bryan is coming out with his first book entitled, You Actually Believe GOD EXISTS?  Everyone has questions about God and faith, and this book has the answers!  It deals with proof for the existence of God, science and religion, why God allows suffering, and much more.  It's the book for all your questions of faith.  "Don't just believe... get answers!"

Bryan grew up Catholic but took a detour in high school.  After his reversion, Bryan encountered two Jehovah's Witnesses on the street corner who challenged his Catholic beliefs and shook it to the core.  Realizing that he was completely incapable of explaining his Catholic beliefs, he began doing a lot of research.  Nearly 20 years later, he now teaches it to others professionally for a living and helps Catholics to understand their faith and be able to explain it to others.  He does so in a way that makes learning incredibly interesting and exciting. 


SPEAKING TOPICS FOR TEENS (Adult topics below)

•  Living the Sacrament of Confirmation:  Very few talks hit so passionately on the topic of Confirmation and give concrete advise about what it means to live out your Catholic faith.  This talk delivers exactly what teens need to know about the Sacrament of Confirmation, how it can change their lives, and how live it out daily.  (This talk can be for those who have or have not yet made their Sacrament).

•  The Challenge of Being Catholic:  This talk inspires teens to live out their Catholic faith in a world which tempts them to give it up.  It provides concrete and practical steps for Catholic living, resisting peer pressure, and dealing with problems they will face.

•  The Existence of GOD:  I speak to countless teens all over and know that faith is under attack like never before.  Many teens, even good Catholics, doubt their faith.  Many more just have questions that need real answers.  This is a powerful, relevant, and informative talk that will help teens to understand why they believe what they do, how they can know that God exists, the relationship between science and religion, and it will present Jesus in a way that will change the way they think.  It gives more than sufficient evidence to increase their faith, clear away the doubts, and inspire them to want to know God more.

•  Why Did Jesus Have to Die?  This is the story of God's love for us!  Countless Catholics drop away from their faith because they don't know who God realy is or how much He loves us.  This talk tells the story of salvation and challenges teens to live for Jesus and  for heaven every day of their lives.  Heaven must be our goal, and teens are challenged to make it so.

•  Many Other Topics Avilable:  The Sacrament of Confession.  Prayer and Spirituality 101 for Teens.  The Mass and the Sacrament of the Eucharist.  My testimony of dressing in black and being angry/depressed to being transformed by Jesus.  And many more...

•  Self-Esteem and Learning to Love Yourself

                                                                                                    SOME SPEAKING TOPICS FOR ADULTS

•  Prayer and Spirituality 101:  One of the best talks to help people learn how to pray more effectively and come closer to God.  Many people have prayed their whole lives and still feel far and disconnected from God.  This talk gives concrete, practical advice on how pray, how to grow in relationship with God, and how to overcome distractions and other obstacles.

•  Catholic Apologetics:  Many Catholics practice their faith but have a difficult time explaining it or sharing it with others.  This talk helps Catholic to do that. 

           The Ultimate Apoogetics Seminar Training:  This is 1 or 2 day apologetics training!  Bryan offers up to 5 seminars to equip Catholics with everything they need to know to understand and share their faith.  Seminar #1:  "How to share your faith and how NOT to."  Practical advice that works.  Seminar #2:  "The Existence of God, Science and Religion."  Seminar #3: "Dealing with Protestant Objections (to Mary, the Pope, the Sacraments, Purgatory, and more).  Seminar #4: Anti-Catholicism and more objections.  Seminar #5:  "Tough Moral issues."  Each seminar is about an hour and there is time for questions, helpful hints, and training techniques from nearly 20 years of experience.

• Question and Answer Night!  Everyone has questions, and now they can have good answers.  This is an evening where people can come ask any question they have ever had about God, the Catholic faith, or spiritual matters without fear.  No judgments and laid back.  It's a great way to bring people back to the church or to have them go deeper.

•  Why Did Jesus Have to Die?  This is the story of God's love for mankind like you've never heard it!  Many Catholics know intellectually that God loves them, but have a hard time believing it deep down.  This talk tells the story of salvation, makes God's unconditional love vividly known, and challenges people to live for Jesus and for heaven every day of their lives.

•  Proving the Existence of God:  A talk on evidence for the divine.  This will discuss many objections and misconceptions, whether science and religion are compatible, what we should think about evolution, and more.

•  The Pathway to Love:  This practical and inspirational talk takes you down the different stages of true love from dating to marriage.  It is designed to help you reach happily-ever-after, to know what that looks like, and to avoid the common pitfalls that can destroy your love relationships.

•  Living Holy in an Unholy World:  A hard-hitting talk that calls Catholics to live their faith wholeheartedly, passionately, and without compromise.  It equips them to live in an unhol world that seeks to drag them down.

•  7 Ways to grow in Prayer & Overcome Distractions:  7 ways to grow in prayer and grow in the spiritual life.  These are practical ways from the saints to create or deepen your relationship with God in prayer.

•  Understanding Other Religions:  What they believe and the Catholic response

•  Boring Church History made exciting! A one night or multi-part series on our Catholic faith bringing our 2000 year history to life and making it incredibly interesting.

•  The Crusades and other Myths of History:  This talk disucsses the Crusades, Galileo, and the Inquisition clearing up many of the misconceptions and giving the real historical truth.

•  Why Be Catholic?

•  The Life-Changing Changing Power of Confession

    And others upon request.

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