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Christina Condit has stepped up to the plate on her own to turn the tables for the next generation by re-defining the sexual revolution. As a young but fearless 18 year old girl, Christina began speaking in front of thousands of high school students in 2004 about her commitment to chastity and her trust in God.

She shows how saving sex for marriage is not weird, but is in fact beautiful. She pours her whole heart into uplifting the students with a POSITIVE, faith-filled message. Christina has the confidence and charisma needed to present on such an important matter. Watch in awe as thousands of students accept and embrace her words of encouragement to live a chaste lifestyle due to her understanding and honesty of the struggles we all face. Students gravitate toward Christina and many have trusted and confided in her about their struggles after her presentations or by writing letters, e-mails, and sending cards.

In the last year of 2011, Christina gave a year of mission work for the Catholic Church as a coworker for Regnum Christi. She designs and leads retreats for the program Pure Fashion, an international faith based program designed for girls 14-18. In March 2001, she spoke at Everest Academy in Clarkston, Michigan. In April 2011, She spoke at  Belmont Abbey College for a Youth Pilgrimage in Charlotte, North Carolina. In May, 2011 she spoke in Alpharetta, Georgia at a Mother/Daughter Luncheon for the program, Butterfly Effect.   

In January 2010, she spoke at a Life Teen Youth Rally in Buffalo, New York. In October of 2010  she had the privilege to speak at the John Paul II Cultural Center in Washington, D.C. As well as interviews with EWTN and Catholic TV. 

In October of 2007 Dubuque County Right to Life (Dubuque, Iowa) oraganized a 3 day tour where Christina spoke at the colleges, high schools, and grade schools of that county. She  worked with Dayton Right to Life where she assisted pregnant mothers in obtaining needed clothing, diapers, car seats, cribs, etc., as well as presenting in local high schools about abstinence. She was asked to be a featured speaker at the Dayton Right to Life Youth Rally held at University of Dayton in 2006, along with renowned international presenter, Matthew Kelly.  The Diocese of Covington, Kentucky’s Pro-life Commission and the St. Elizabeth Medical Center selected her to be one of two presenters to 1600 high school students where she received the only three standing ovations during the conference. Christina was the keynote speaker at the August 2005 annual fundraiser for Pregnancy Center West (Cincinnati,Ohio) where she spoke to 400 adults. She was selected as one of four speakers for this event and received the only standing ovation of the night. She was also a featured speaker for Cincinnati’s Teen Coalition, and for Youth 2000 held at Elder High School in 2005. 

Still single and a virgin, this beautiful, dynamic, and outstanding young lady continues to steal the hearts of every audience and leaves behind a positive imprint in the lives of students, adults, and coworkers that will never be forgotten.

Posted 3/1/2009: 
“Thank you so much! Adults are always telling us whats right and how easy it is but hearing it from someone our age and from our generation is so much more effective. Its really easy to parallel my life with things about yours. Thanks again for making an enormous impact on my life!   -17 yr. girl, Cincinnati, OH
Posted 3/3/2009: 
“I have had the privilege to observe first-hand the beaming qualities of Christina, for she is a dedicated, loving, and enthusiastic speaker. Her positive attitude and fun personality has made the learning experience enjoyable for countless teens.” -Elizabeth Meyer, Former Outreach Co-Director: Pregnancy Center West; Cincinnati, OH
Posted 3/5/2009: 
“The teens are drawn to her and her message. I highly recommend her for presenting to students.” -Christi Dodson, Executive Director of Dayton Right To Life; Dayton. OH
Posted 3/7/2009: 
“She is fabulous! I certainly recommend her to any organization for she has a keen, honest approach which is met with openness and trust.” -Terri L. Stober, Formation Coordinator, Pure Fashion; Raleigh, N.C
Posted 3/9/2009: 
“Your experiences were really inspiring and helped me find the confidence to stand up for my chastity. Because of you, I now truly believe I am worth the wait.” -16 yr girl, Cleveland, OH
Posted 3/11/2009:
“Thanks so much! I really listened to what you had to say and it was really helpful coming from someone our age- I didn’t feel lectured! Your story truly inspired me to change my ways! Have fun!” -15 yr girl, Raleigh, N.C.