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Freddie Silveria

Freddie Silveria

Freddie Silveria Catholic Speaker
Freddie Silveria Catholic Speaker
Freddie Silveria Catholic Speaker

Travels from Sacramento, California

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Freddie Silveria is a motivational speaker engaging youth towards kindness, courage, and God. Homeless, death, & care-giving embody his story. A drunk driver turned his world upside down at 9 years old. An affluent only child became a care-giver for his chronic pain bed-ridden mother for the next 17 years. Medical bills to the roof, cars were repossessed and the house foreclosed. Following her passing in 2017, Freddie’s spirit, positivity, and love for God shine bright!

Freddie speaks with thousands of youth across the country for school culture program, “Breaking Down the Walls.” Here he promotes kindness and togetherness through the motto, “it’s hard to hate someone whose story you know.” He also works with youth to build up confidence and self-esteem for the Dale Carnegie Next Generation youth skills program. In addition, Freddie leads youth leadership retreats that focus on character and ethics. In 2016, he was awarded “Alum of the Decade” from Saint Mary’s College (BA ’11) for his commitment to service and the greater good. In 2011, he studied Leadership and Public Service under former Director of the CIA, Leon Panetta Institute. He holds a State FFA Degree and is a former Boy’s State Delegate and College Student Body President.

Freddie specializes in speaking with teenagers at confirmation retreats, school assemblies, or youth events.

Freddie has spoken with many different audiences and his message can range from a keynote to a full day workshop. Freddie walks the walk when it comes to faith and is passionate about serving with you at your next event! Please contact us with booking questions.

Speaking Topics:

Confirmation 3 C’s – For High School/Middle School

Freddie shares his personal stories of how his confirmation was the catalyst for choosing good. How confirmation helped guide him through high school and beyond. Here he shares how to apply the three C’s to the choices to come. 

*Previous events include confirmation retreats and workshops.

Boys to Men – For High School Boys

In this presentation, Freddie digs deep with boys around character, respect, and compassion. He shares the importance of chastity and self-worth. He shares how God is the most important thing to becoming a man. 

*Previous events include retreats and workshops.

Servant Leadership – For High School/College

What does it look, sound, and feel like to live with kindness in our hearts? Freddie gives personal testimony and 7 tips to living a faith driven life. He challenges us to listen and understand it’s not about me but we.  

*Previous events include retreats, seminars, conferences, and assemblies.

Feedback from Parents:

“Your grace, your spirit & positivity were exactly what we needed at our Kick Off Conference.”

“He engaged with my confirmation students quite well and gave them many ideas to ponder. He was energetic, funny, informative and passionate. But most of all, he was very caring and sensitive to the questions and concerns my students presented to him.”

Feedback from Teens:

“You changed me and all the people that heard your voice. You are one man on a mission and I will complete it! Wish you could come back!”

“You are a great leader. You have no idea how big of an impact you had on me.” 

“Your passion, energy, and outlook were awesome!” 

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