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Michael Shanks

Michael Shanks

Mike Shanks Catholic Speaker

Travels from Paradise Valley, Arizona

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Michael Shanks describes himself as “a radically Catholic husband, father, entrepreneur,  designer and public speaker.” That’s not to say he's a crazy, strange, “off-the-grid” kind of Catholic. To Michael, it means living his faith out in the world. In his life, and in his work.  Michael’s company – Shanks DMG – has been named “the number one company you need to know in Arizona,” and has been honored with many marketing/design industry awards.

He maintains a niche business developing brands, designing products and directing marketing campaigns for notable clients such as Apple, Panasonic, No Fear and Maytag among others, and he has teamed with individuals such as “Rudy” Ruettiger, Garth Brooks and NFL Hall-of-Famer Ronnie Lott on a full spectrum of projects. 

In his dynamic and engaging presentations, Michael delivers a message designed for all Catholics. He instructs, informs and inspires on such topics as chasing your dreams, living the faith in our world, being a man of principle, doing exceptional work, living happily, practicing sexual abstinence before marriage, realizing the importance of great friends, and most importantly, celebrating the responsibilities and rewards of being a loving father, a devoted husband and a dedicated servant of God...quite possibly all in one talk, really. He’ll make you think. If you’re a bit on the sensitive side, he might make you cry.  He’ll definitely make you laugh, and leave you personally motivated and profoundly moved. 
“Courage is not just the extraordinary acts of adventurers and visionaries,” Michael tells his audiences. "In a world where relationships, jobs and lives can change in an instant, having courage is real, meaningful and necessary." He speaks from his own experience and life lessons: Michael attended the University of Arizona for three years as an undergraduate, and achieved his dream of joining the Wildcat football team in 1988 as a successful “walk-on.” Early in his professional career, Michael established a reputation for courage in business by strapping a camera to his head for a meeting with a major international corporation. Some might call that gutsy, daring, “going your own way.” For Mike, there is no other way. 

To put it simply, Michael lives life. Among other things, he met Pope John Paul II, competed in a 111-mile bike race and attended a party in Donald Trumps New York Penthouse. He has run marathons, hiked the Grand Canyon numerous times and is a published photographer. He currently sits on the Marketing Department’s Board of Visitors at the University of Arizona Eller College of Management, and has guest lectured at the college for the past four years. He has also opened his design studio outside of Phoenix for field visits by class members. Michael currently resides in Paradise Valley with his five young children and wife of 20 years—to whom he has talked each and every day, even when he’s far away presenting innovative concepts to clients on the other side of the globe, or at the top of some remote mountain peak. His family, friends and partners in business describe Michael as a thought-leader and a courageous visionary. Michael sees himself simply as “a man of life, of faith, of God.”

Comments Posted By The Public ...

"You could not have given a more awesome presentation this morning!  Your sharing your gifts, vision, and blessings were just what God intended that I hear and am certain were a blessing to many others in attendance, if not all. Your generosity toward the close was the pimento of the olive.  Thank you very much for my t-shirt." - Donna Marie

"Hi Michael  – just want to THANK YOU again for choosing me for the kit this morning.  I could not talk fast enough to my boss/co-workers about your presentation.  REALLY hit home.  I brought my kit into work and my Catholic co-workers can’t wait until you have it available to purchase.  What a WONDERFUL/INPSIRING morning it was.  May God Bless You and keep up your fantastic work!!" - Sandi

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