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Nick Alexander

Nick Alexander

Nick Alexander
Nick Alexander
Nick Alexander
Nick Alexander
Nick Alexander

Travels from Milford, Connecticut

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Nick Alexander strives to reach Catholics--young and old--with the Gospel, using a combination of worship, wisdom and wit.  He's known as the "Catholic Weird Al", and his talents have evolved to incorporate keynote talks, worship leading, and even podcasting.

Note: Nick Alexander has an exclusive video at the bottom of this page.  If you want to hear a special message from Nick, be sure to check it out first.

Both a celebrated comedian and a seasoned worship leader, Nick has a remarkable way of meeting people where they are, disarming them, and then offering a message of substance and grace. When asked how he manages to connect with so many different types of people simultaneously, the answer appears to baffle him as much as the next person. “I combine orthodoxy with humor, and then throw in popular songs,” he shrugs. “It’s a weird concoction.”

Call it what you will, but chances are you’ve never seen anything like it. Integrating parodies, stories, testimony, and worship, Alexander has assembled an effective way to get his message across – both in the studio (he has three albums out) and in a live setting.

Raised Episcopalian, Nick has been on fire for Jesus Christ for decades, ever since he had been touched by grace in his early teens. Nick gradually became the high school Bible Study president, in Brooklyn, NY. In his college years, he became involved with the ecumenical charismatic renewal, that was an outreach of a charismatic covenant community.  It was through constant debating with the Catholics in that group that Nick ultimately found himself called to conversion; he became Catholic at the Easter Vigil in 1993.

Shortly upon graduation, he relocated to Southern Connecticut, where he lives today.  Through his volunteering at many diverse events, both as a speaker and a worship leader, he found himself crafting parody songs as a lark.  When he performed these songs to a group of nationally recognized Catholic musicians, he was suddenly propelled into the fast-track of becoming the "Catholic Weird Al."  Three albums later, plus multiple television appearances and interviews, Nick's music has 'edutained' and inspired thousands.

Since then, Nick has been honing his skills for keynote presentations.  Nick's diverse experience affords him the ability to relate to all types of audiences, both young and old, lukewarm and dynamic.  Nick's years of debating has made him fearless in tackling tough issues, explaining the faith in a lucid and compelling matter. And the icing to this cake is his penchant of inserting humor into this concoction, in the forms of parody songs, observational humor, and storytelling.

Keynote Talks...

Here is what Nick has to offer:

  • He has been delivering  keynote addresses for well over a decade.    
  • He has been honing his comedy, the type that is clean, family-friendly, and hysterical.    
  • He knows his stuff! He has had experience leading Scripture studies, being a catechist, and being trained to answer tough questions about the faith.    
  • He has worked with Christians of all denominations, working hard to demonstrate Christian unity.

When you book Nick for an event, he does the following:

  • He will ask you what the theme of the event is, what the bottom-line takeaway you’d like the audience to remember.
  • He will ask you what the audience is like; as each crowd is different, are there any unique characteristics of this group that I need to be aware of?
  • He will ask what the environment would be like: would it be in a church, an auditorium, or outside?  Will it be possible to play his guitar.  Will he be able to incorporate his projection system, etc.    
  • Lastly, he will ask you what a proverbial “home run” looks like for you.  He wants to ensure that his presentation would match your needs that would speak directly to the audience coming to see him.

After this, he will get to work.  And you will not be disappointed.

Past talks include: What Catholics Believe and Why / Surviving in today's Pop Culture Climate / From Bullied Teen to Dynamic Leader / Natural Family Planning / The Cross of Jesus / How to Listen to God / How to Worship with your Heart, Mind, and Soul / God's Plan For Your Life

Nick is well-versed in understanding what the Catholic Church teaches, and regularly incoprorates in his addresses Holy Scripture, statements from the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and many quotations from the writings of Pope Benedict XVI and Saint John Paul the Great.

Nick is currently looking for these following opportunities to serve:
    •    Catholic Schools
    •    National Charismatic Events
    •    Christian Coffeehouses 
    •    Clean Comedy Events
    •    Family Concerts
    •    Men's Events
    •    Apologetics Seminars 
    •    Outdoor Concerts
    •    Parish Fundraisers
    •    Parish Missions
    •    Junior High School Assemblies / High School Assemblies
    •    Theology on Tap
    •    Youth Rallies/Young Adult Rallies

"We were delighted to have Nick Alexander as part our Holy Week day of prayer.  He worked closely with us in the planning of the day and was able to incorporate our ideas into his presentation.  Nick is at his best with his parodies and music.   He has a deep appreciation of our Catholic tradition and creatively communicates it in a non-traditional but authentic way." - Fr. Michael Holzmann


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