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Ken Ogorek

Ken Ogorek Chastity Talk Wrap-Up

Travels from Indianapolis, Indiana

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Ken has seen lots of bad catechesis.  Since 1997 he has worked at the diocesan level to help provide authentically Catholic evangelization and religious education for God's people from womb to tomb--all by His grace.  Ken can speak on a variety of doctrinal and moral topics--or about how we can all work together to help make Catholic faith formation engaging, compelling and effective.

Here are just a few of the presentations Ken has done over the years.  Invite Ken to address your group and let's help further authentic catechetical renewal in God's holy, Catholic Church!  :)
Catholic Vision of Love (chastity education) in-services for Diocese of Lansing (Fall 1998) and Diocese of Fort Wayne – South Bend (Spring 1999).
Catholic Homeschooling address for Diocese of Altoona – Johnstown, Fall 2001.
Evangelizing Catechesis: roundtable at National Conference for Catechetical Leadership annual meeting 2003 and workshop at National Catholic Educational Association annual meeting 2005.
General Directory for Catechesis workshop for Diocese of Harrisburg, Fall 2004.
Making Peace with the Priesthood workshop, National Conference on Catholic Youth Ministry, 2004.
Faith-Filled Summer Activities roundtable at NCCL annual meeting 2005.
National Directory for Catechesis panel presentation, St. John Bosco Conference, 2005.
MCCD lecture, Catholic Historical Society of Western PA, Fall 2005.
Whole Community Catechesis workshop, St. John Bosco Conference, 2006.
Families, Faith and the Home: Practical Help for the Domestic Church, Diocese of Austin, Fall 2006.
Help for the Domestic Church workshop, NCEA, Spring 2007.
Talking to Youth About Sexuality roundtable at NCCL annual meeting 2007.
Management & Administration in the Parish & Diocese (aka Professional Leadership), Franciscan University Theology Department, Spring semester 2007.  [a graduate-level class is offered on this topic; I helped out as the adjunct professor for this course]
Catholic Identity and Catholic Evangelization (2 keynotes), Diocese of Lafayette-in-Indiana, Fall 2008.
Prayer: Talking, Listening, Being a Friend, Special Religious Education Day of Reflection, Archdiocese of Indianapolis, Fall 2008.
Faithful Men, Faith-Filled Catholic Leaders, Indiana Catholic Men’s Conference, Fall 2008.
Personal Spiritual Development: A Key Ingredient for Catholic School Teachers, Diocese of Scranton, Spring 2009.
The Do’s & Don’ts of Don’t & Do: Chastity Education That’s Appropriate, NCEA and NCCL, Spring 2009, Diocese of Peoria, Summer 2009.
Jumpstarting Adult Catechesis in School & Parish Settings, Diocese of Peoria, Summer 2009.
Liberal-Conservative Smackdown: Labels & Their Place in Our Church, Diocese of Peoria, Summer 2009.
Connecting Sunday: Practical Tips for Using the Lectionary in Catechesis, Ohio Catholic Education Association Convention, Fall 2009.
What’s New in Catechesis? Recent Guidance & Practical Tips for Parish Catechetical Ministry, Indiana Conference for Catechetical Leadership, Fall 2009, NCEA, Spring 2010.
What’s Your Vision of Catechesis?, NCCL, Spring 2010.
Evangelizing Youth:  Good News for All Teens, Diocese of Peoria, Summer 2010.
Chastity Education workshop, St. John Bosco Conference, 2010.
The Parish and Chancery as Media Portal (panel presentation), Catholic Leadership Conference, Fall 2010.
Trends in Religious Education:  Bringing Catholic Faith to 21st-Century Culture, Legatus (Indianapolis Chapter), Winter 2011.
Catholic Identity, Diocese of Fort Wayne – South Bend, Spring 2011.
“Mom Always Said” – All Men Need Our Blessed Mother to Change Their Life, Men’s Retreat (3 sessions), Fall 2011.
Catechetical Leadership for the 21st Century:  Vision, Virtue and Vitality, Diocese of Lansing, Fall 2011.
I’m Content with Content:  Making Faith Formation Truly Comprehensive, Ohio Catholic Education Association Convention, Fall 2011.
10 Things Your Parishioners Wish They Knew (Better) and How the Mass Connects These Dots, Diocese of Kalamazoo, Fall 2011.
Teaching on Tough Issues:  Practical Tips for Helping God’s People Embrace His Challenging Truths, Dioceses of Dallas and Fort Worth, Fall 2011.
Making Moral Decisions, National Catholic Youth Conference, Fall 2011.

Life, Liberty & Abortifacients?! Teaching on Church, State & Artificial Contraception, St. John Bosco Conference, 2012.

Homosexuality: Current Issues, Events and Application of Church Teaching, St. John Bosco Conference, 2012.

The Year of Faith:  How to Make the Catechism Come Alive, Diocese of Venice, Winter 2013.

 Catechesis:  What Went Wrong, What’s Going Right, Why We Hope in Jesus, Legatus Peoria, Spring 2013.

What Catholic Social Teaching Is Not: Placing CST in Its Proper Context, St. John Bosco Conference, 2013.

10 Things We Want You to Know About the Catholic Faith:  A Process, A Resource, An Invitation; Diocese of Springfield, Fall 2014.

Money, Sex, Politics & Religion: Connecting Faith and Real Life, Evening of Reflection, Summer 2015.


Several presentations pending; throughout career have given many talks as well as radio and television interviews; podcasts of several talks available on various websites as well as transcripts of select interviews; also enjoyed serving as Master of Ceremonies at numerous annual dinners for the Southwestern PA Wabash College alumni group as well as various Catholic events such as Sanctity of Life dinners and Men’s Conferences.

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