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A Moving Lenten Mission - Just One Prayer

For the entire duration of Lent, we are launching a worldwide campaign to pray for a former CMG Booking colleague, Matthew Cameron, and his family.  The purpose of the campaign is to gather prayers for Matthew in light of his recent stage 4 lung cancer diagnosis.  Please help us gather as many prayers for Matthew as possible by saying Just One Prayer.

Dear CMG Booking Community and Our Valued Users,

We write this personal message to the world with a heavy heart, but at the same time equally inspired by the story of unwavering faith that it delivers. Last week it was brought to our attention that Matthew Cameron, a former CMG Booking CEO, was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer that is inoperable. Given the lack of symptoms and no tobacco use, this diagnosis came as a complete shock to Matthew, his wife Tatiana (Tajci) Cameron, and his entire family.

In light of Matthew’s news, the CMG Booking family began to ask questions that are all too familiar to anyone who has been in a similar situation. “What can we do?” “How can we help?” The answer came to us as we sought to bring comfort and support to Matthew and his family, who over the years have become integral members of our own flock given Matthew's history with us and also being married to Tajci Cameron, who is an acclaimed singer/songwriter/Catholic speaker who CMG Booking has represented for over 8 years.

We concluded the strongest thing that we can do is pray. And so, we have decided to do just that, but we need your help.  This year, we are dedicating our Lenten season to Matthew and his family. His story inspires us to remember the blessings that God has given all of us, putting in perspective what life is really about and the problems we may be facing.

The CMG Booking website receives millions of hits, from people just like you and all over the world, on an annual basis. We are asking that you help us convert those hits into prayers for Matthew. It is our humble request that after reading this message, you say a prayer asking that God’s will be done for Matthew Cameron and his family. If you feel moved to send a personal message to Matthew and his family, please use our contact button in the tool bar above to do so. We know that Matthew would love to hear your words of encouragement and support.

Below is a message from Matthew, through which, you will see a glimpse of the wonderful person who has been such a welcomed part of the CMG Booking family for so many years. It is our hope that his story inspires you to be better for God this Lent, and that our prayers can help Matthew and his family during this difficult time. God Bless You, and thank you for your prayer for Matthew Cameron.

A Personal Message from Matthew ...

  (Matthew, Tajci, Dante Xavier - 16, Evan Amadeus - 14 and Blais Ludvig - 11)

Hello humans on planet earth!

You are, by far and away, my favorites. I've led an interesting life which, by the sounds of it from our meeting with my Oncologist yesterday, might be over soon. But don't worry, I figure I've already lived five lives' worth of adventure, laughter, joy, work and (I feel this immensely today) love in my 46 years.

I'm not a goner just yet, and am still the most "full of life" person I know - and I plan to fight this cancer with everything I have (and everything science and good healthy food and love and miracles have to offer).

Turns out I have the "most common" lung cancer for non-smokers (I was shocked that there WAS such a thing). It is called adenocarcinoma of the lung. I am stage four (which means it has spread from the lungs and "generously" seeded itself around my body - so kind!)

We are hoping that I might be a match for some sort of trial or immune therapy things (forgive me - I don't speak cancer very well). That said, the normal route is chemotherapy. The average life expectancy for someone in chemo with this cancer at this stage is one year. That, to me, is a bit bleak.

To all of you people like me who have chosen not to smoke, do drugs and live healthy lives, you might think this is a raw deal. But consider that I've been to 28 countries (you can read about my pre-marriage travels here: ) and have personally booked, driven to, set up, and torn down over 1,000 concerts (in all but THREE of the contiguous states).

I also married a pop star from Croatia (which led to more travels and adventures) and have three wonderful, handsome, intelligent and balanced sons (Dante Xavier - 16, Evan Amadeus - 14 and Blais Ludvig - 11).

I grew up in Indiana and fulfilled my dream and learned to surf.

I proposed while waiting for the sunrise under the Hollywood sign in LA.

I've watched countless sunrises from Mount Sinai to the plains of Kansas.

I've earned and lost a fortune. 

I've fought - hard - for my marriage and it is my proudest accomplishment today.

"They" tell you to have enough set by to cover your expenses for three months in case of emergency - we have.

I also have life insurance.

The trouble is, and it will come, how to 'get by' when I become a burden and before the end.

I spent my life helping others achieve their dreams, goals, plans. (Most people I worked with leaned towards artists, entrepreneurs and people pursing a passion, seem to have a "thing" that drives them.) Most of that time I also wondered "what is my "thing". It was not so very long ago (while listening to Simon Sinek's "Start with Why") that it finally came to me that my "thing" was people.

I think people are amazing - my favorite. To that end, I started and the concept "FilmYourWhy".

If you are a human on earth, I can say with almost perfect certainty - I love you.

If you can take a minute and say a prayer for me, send me some positive energy and/or, if you have the means, kick in a few bucks to take off the financial pressure in this time of uncertainty - I'll be personally grateful. A good friend is putting together a GoFundMe page to help us "bridge" this complicated time (here is a link: I'll update this post with the link soon(ish). If you'd like to help in other ways or directly (like you'd like to love on my family with a direct donation) please PM Tatiana Tajci Cameron or Fr. Ben Cameron or me (but my communication might be sporadic).

If you can, alternatively, book my INCREDIBLY talented wife Tajci (Tie-chi) for your event (whether it be jazz standards, or a talk, or a workshop, or living room concert or concert in your church) that would be wonderful. (You simply cannot imagine how much it would ease my mind to have two concerts a month for her lined up for the next two or more years.) Click here if you'd like to help:

OR... let me help you tell YOUR story and promoteyour business. (I told you I was still full of life :) Visit and check out our commercials, music videos and stories. Our work is designed for the modern world and to be deployed on social media and youtube. Once you look, you'll see that my love for you translates into helping you connect with your potential audience or customer.

My goal here wasn't to write and to pitch you. I'm a "do-er" and a worker. I'd rather earn my bread than beg for it. But, in all humility I have to tell you I'm begging (just a bit) for your help. I'd love for you to put me (Stormlight) to work or for you to book Tajci. If that isn't possible and you'd like to make a donation - I'll be personally grateful. Mostly, pray for us.

Click here to support Caring for the Camerons by Jennifer Milke-Myers

Matthew Cameron is a kind of guy who spent his entire life giving of himself and supporting others. His many, many friends say he is the first person they would…  GOFUNDME.COM

Welcome to CMG Booking

"Event organizers everywhere have fallen in love with the CMG Booking experience.  It’s no wonder CMG Booking has become the #1 resource in the United States for Catholic speakers." - [Catholic daily news wire]

CMG Booking (Catholic Media Group) is THE leading resource for anyone looking to book a Catholic speaker for their next event or conference.  We have worked with thousands of Catholic conferences all over the world, mainly in the United States.  Our website allows anyone to browse hundreds of diocesan approved Catholic speakers or musicians, and with a touch of a mouse, learn about their biographies, watch their promo videos and email a request to book them all in one place.  CMG Booking has perfected taking the hassle and worry out of finding and booking a Catholic speaker.

Over the last decade, CMG Booking has grown to become the nation’s largest and most influential Catholic speakers bureau, representing more Catholic speakers than any other organization.  Representing well over 200 Catholic speakers and growing, it is our goal to continue our sole mission evangelizing and spreading the Word of God through those who do it best, our speakers.  Since our inception, CMG Booking has created a scholarship fund for purposes of financially assisting sponsors and event organizers with costs and expenses to help ensure more events are made possible.

We hope you enjoy the experience we have brought to fruition through this website.  We look forward to hearing from you soon about booking a CMG Booking speaker and/or musician for your next event!  Please click on the "speakers" button above to get started.

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