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Anne Costa

Anne Costa Catholic Speaker
Anne Costa
Anne Costa
Embracing Edith Stein

Travels from Syracuse, New York

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Anne Costa, who travels from Syracuse, NY, is a wife, mother and the best-selling author of five books; the latest of which is entitled Praying for Those who are Addicted: A Mission of Mercy, Hope and Love.  Ms. Costa is the founder ofCharismata Coaching and combines her wealth of personal experience and  knowledge as a human service professional for over thirty years to help others to discover their true purpose through devotion to Jesus, His mother and His Sacred Heart.

Anne shares a soul-stirring message to invigorate and inspire… encouraging Catholics to live lives of deep engagement centered on a personal relationship with Jesus through Mary. She writes and speaks particularly on authentic love and  topics related to the spiritual formation of women and girls and is devoted to sharing the work and wisdom of St. Edith Stein.

Here’s what some people are saying about Ms. Costa:

Please know that your sharing was one of the loveliest talks I have ever been blessed to have experienced." ~ Barbara, NY  
  "You were absolutely awesome...thank you for the insight and inspiration." ~Susan H., Corpus Christi, TX

"I really don't have the words to express what an inspiring, touching, faith-filled, thought-provoking evening I experienced....[at the Evening of Reflection for Women]... I just know I will never be the same."~ Helen D., NY  

"You were profound...You spoke on our level; plain and simple, yet powerful."  ~Elma G., TX

“I was deeply moved by the way that you spoke.  I just wanted to hear more.”    ~Gabby T., VA

Talks can be tailored to your groups request~ A Sampling of Topics

Wisdom for A Woman’s Soul:  Embracing our Essential Gifts

Women are created with a unique calling and vocation to impact the world. In these challenging times, we need to fully understand our feminine genius and how to use our gifts accordingly.  This talk draws from the rich writings and teachings of St. Edith Stein, who is a true, contemporary “women’s saint.” Anne’s own “spiritual friendship” with this saint confirmed everything she knew in her heart about being a woman but never heard anyone talk about. In this talk, Anne passionately portrays the wisdom and legacy that Edith Stein has left to shape and guide girls and women of today: Highly recommended for all women who are seeking deeper meaning and a more authentic expression of their feminine genius to make a difference in our world.
Our Pondering Hearts:
Mary and our call to feminine interior discernment
With Mary as our model, women are called to “ponder all things in their hearts.” Yet, how do you do that? Many women struggle to achieve interior silence and lack the skills for a holy introspection that will lead to balance and self-possession. This talk explains what pondering is and what it is not and offers a process of feminine discernment based on the life and example of the Blessed Virgin Mary: For any woman who is seeking greater self-knowledge and a means to deeper spiritual awareness through the engagement of her feminine soul. 

Hearts on Fire:  Living our Faith to the Full

We are called to know, live, love and share our faith.  We can only accomplish this through a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit. This talk introduces you in a new and powerful way to the Holy Spirit as the Friend closest to your heart and the One who guides you in your daily decisions and witness in our world. Learn how to live in His abundance and joy while deepening your faith and discovering your true purpose. 

Lord, I Hurt! The Grace of Forgiveness and the Road to Healing
There is nothing that drains us or holds us back more than a heart that is heavy with hurt, fear, shame or guilt. Applying the principles and insights from Anne’s second book Lord, I Hurt, this talk explores how to sustain a heart full of forgiveness and freedom while embracing the lessons and necessary sorrows that lead to healing in our lives. (Available as a presentation or in a retreat format.)
A Miracle of Mercy and the Triumph of Love

God has worked a miracle of mercy (times 7!) in my life and I am here to give Him all the glory! He has delivered me from addiction, childhood trauma, and  severe depression and He isn't finished with me yet! Hear how he  brought me back from the brink and into the loving embrace of His Catholic Church.  Listen to the incredible journey and testimony to God’s awesome, redeeming love for one of the least of His. 

Our Divine Courtship:  How God woos us and wins our hearts
God’s love is unfathomable but He is constantly revealing it to us so that we might be “swept off our feet” and rest in His loving embrace.  This mission will explore the love of God as He reveals himself through Scripture, His Son Jesus, and in a very personal way within the depths of our own hearts. We will learn how to receive God’s love more fully through the ancient practice of Lectio Divina, a form of prayerful reading and  opening ourselves to the presence and nearness of  God in His Word.

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