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Anthony J. Digmann

Anthony J. Digmann

Anthony Digmann Catholic Speaker
Anthony J Digmann Catholic Speaker
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Anthony J Digmann
Anthony J Digman

Travels from Dyersville, Iowa

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Enthusiastic, orthodox, and passionately Catholic, Anthony J. Digmann's rich understanding of theology and experience engaging Catholic youth and adults combine with his vibrant enthusiasm in a way sure to make a memorable impact on your audience.  His profound and energetic approach enriches, motivates, and inspires!

Professional Experience:

Anthony is a husband and father of a young family, author, speaker, educator, and video producer/cinematographer with over a decade of professional service in the Catholic Church.  His book, Sign of Contradiction: Contraception, Family Planning, & Catholicism was published by One More Soul (Dayton, OH) in December of 2015, and he has published articles in diocesan periodicals throughout the U.S. and on the Chastity Project.  Anthony has been a featured guest on EWTN, Radio Maria, and Iowa Catholic Radio. 

Since 2008 he has served as a Catholic high school theology teacher, forming upperclassmen in the truths of Catholicism and enthusiastically fielding their penetrating questions.  Anthony is also the former Director of Religious Education for the second largest faith formation program in the Archdiocese of Dubuque and served on the Archdiocese of Dubuque Worship Commission.  Finally, Anthony became the entrepreneurial founder and Chief Executive Manager of Capture This Video Productions when he launched the video services/cinematography company in 2010.

Anthony is a natural skeptic who was raised Catholic, yet experienced a faith crisis/event his senior year of high school.  Thereafter, he vowed to follow truth wherever it led and pursued study of world religions and Christinaity in a quest for truth.  Eventually finding the Truth for which our minds long in Christ and his Catholic Church, Anthony committed his life to Christ with a vigorous passion to share the truths of Catholicism.


His education includes a Master of Arts degree in Theology and a double major Bachelor of Arts degree in Religious Studies and Electronic Media Communications with a minor in Ethics.

Speaking Topics:

Available to speak on numerous topics related to Catholic faith and theology, Anthony can address apologetics, catechesis, evangelization, family life, and morality including but not limited to the specialty presentations listed below.  With over a decade of experience in Catholic parishes, programs, and schools, Anthony is able to tailor talks for youth as well as adults or families.  Contact Anthony to share your ideas for a customized talk for your event or parish. 

Multiple talks may be combined for parish missions or workshops as well as customized to meet the unique needs of your audience.  For example, "Does God Exist?," "Without the Resurrection Christianity is Dead," and "Introduction to Catholic Apologetics" makes a great three day mission or partial-day workshop in which Anthony explores the evidence behind belief in God, Jesus & Christianity, and Catholicism itself.



"I have a Father for a brother and a Brother for a father" is a vocations talk in which Anthony is able to share unique life experiences.  Having discerned priesthood, Anthony was eventually married in 2006.  His only sibling, a younger brother became a diocesan priest, and his father became a late-vocation religious brother and missionary with Glenmary Home Missioners.  These three men have collectively lived the four traditional vocations of the Church.

"Does God Exist?: Faith, Reason, and Evidence" came from Anthony's experience with high school seniors.  Many Christians are simply raised with the assumption of God's existence with little supporting reason and evidence.  This talk seeks to highlight the role of faith, enhanced with arguments of reason, and supported by evidence to equip listeners for belief in a doubting and sometimes hostile world.

"Don't Waste Your Suffering" is a "God in Hardships" talk in which Anthony draws upon his life experiences with suffering to illustrate God's presence even in the worst situations.  It is a talk of hope an inspiration including: his 3-year-old daughter's battle with leukemia, suffering with miscarriage and years of infertility, and other life challenges.

"STAR WARS: A Catholic Perspective" combines the cultural phenomena and popularity of Star Wars with Catholic theology.  Anthony appeals to a popular audience with this fun and insightful presentation.  Includes an exploration of faith, good vs. evil, temptation, virtue, self-sacrifice, providence, conversion, prayer, and more!

"Introduction to Catholic Apologetics" offers a primer on effectively explaining and defending the Catholic faith.  Highlights include a look at Luther's doctrines of Sola Fide and Sola Scriptura, Apostolic Succession, the Eucharist, Mary and the Saints, Confession to a priest, and more.

"Miracles of the Eucharist and Saints - Stories to Inspire!" demonstrates that truth is often stranger than fiction, and it has a unique ability to inspire as well.  This talk explores a few exceptional stories, including commentary on their significance in our everyday lives.

"Sign of Contradiction: Contraception, Family Planning and Catholicism - Live" draws upon the highlights of Anthony's book of the same title, and presents the Church's teaching on "birth control" in light of what experience and data have demonstrated over the last several decades.  This talk offers a fresh look at this unpopular teaching to invite opponents to consider or re-consider the Church's teaching and equips proponents to explain and share it.

"Without the Resurrection, Christianity is Dead: A Look at the Significance of and Evidence for the Historical Resurrection of Jesus" was born out of necessity from Anthony's work with high school seniors and their questions.  It's purpose is to illustrate the importance of this event and to explore the evidence in support of the Resurrection having actually occurred two millennia ago.


"Anthony presented in a way that captivated the audience and led to a long, enjoyable discussion afterwards!"  -Andrew Lang, MA Theology, Pastoral Associate of St. Joseph Parish in Bellevue, IA  

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